Featured Extensions

With over 12 years of Joomla development under the belt, our extensions have stood the test of time. Featured below are some of our flagship products.


JC Tables

JC Tables is the all-in-one customizable datatables component for Joomla! that lets you display master-detail tables, pull queries from any database, and allow user editing.

JC Reports

JC Reports is the ultimate reporting component that lets you build and display reports with ease, including displaying of graphs and data export to popular formats.

JC Dashboards

JC Dashboards is a powerful and customizable Joomla dashboard component that lets you display real-time data in easy-to-read formats. Easy-to-use Grafana replacement.


Extension Features

All JoomCode extensions are created with the utmost care and passion in order to provide years of reliable usage and client satisfaction

Highly Customizable

Complete customisation is available on just about any aspect of our extensions.
All the way from GUI params, CSS styles to including custom HTML,Javascript and export settings.

Visually appealing extensions

We have put a lot of effort into the visual display of our extensions. You can easily change the theme display should the default not suit your taste.

Connect to any site DB

Our extensions are able to connect to any site database, irrespective of the location.

Now you can combine data from multiple sites with ease.

Easy installation

One-Click installation is as easy as 123.  No complicated install instructions, simply install, set some default settings, and use. No Fuss.

Plenty of config options

You can easily change any setting using the administrator backoffice interface.
All our extensions provide comprehensive administrator settings which enables one to tweak the extension operation

Continuous Updates

We are continuously improving our extensions and always adding new features on a regular basis.  By subscribing, you will always be at the cutting edge of our extensions.

Why go with JoomCode?

Having used Joomla the past 12 years, we understand what our clients needs are, especially when it comes to bespoke business sytems developed using the Joomla Framework.

All our extensions have been perfected over many years, and have stood the test of time.
JC Tables has reduced our dev time by over 60%, and it is now our standard datatables component for all our applications we develop for our clients. We dont need to use anything else.
We use JCReports, JCDashboards and JCTables that allows us to provide a complex client GUI interface that our clients require, for our facial recognition solutions. It has saved us months, if not years, in development costs.