JC Reports

JC Reports is the ultimate reporting component that lets you build and display reports with ease, including displaying of graphs and data export to popular formats.

JC Reports is availble as a free version, Pro 6-Month, Pro 12-Month or part of a combo pack.
  • Flexible Front-end Report Builder
  • PDF, XLSX, and CSV Export Options
  • Report Prefilters
  • Wide Range of Placeholders
  • Tabular and Chart Reports
  • Report Viewer
  • Comprehensive documentation


JCReports provides a powerful inbuilt report builder where your users can build their own reports!  For reference, we call the reports made with the builder “JCReports”.

Setting JCReportBuilder Data Sources

You, as admin, set up data sources from the backend.  These data sources provide the data the users use to build their JCReports.  You can use external databases too.

Next we will look at the features available for the front end... 

Access Rights

Your users can set who can see which report using your current Joomla access rights.

Export Buttons

Your users can choose to provide PDF, XSLX, and/or CSV buttons with their report.

Selecting fields

In addition to be able to choose which fields to display in their report, users can further customize the report by using extra settings:

  • Users can set a different title to the original field name
  • Users can add custom fields
  • Users can set the field as a SQL GROUP BY column
  • Users can set which fields to export, and which to hide
Building the Filter

Users can set up filters for their data.  They can use placeholders as well as prefilters.  What are prefilters?  Prefilters are popped up before the report is run and the report viewer is obliged to select certain values or enter text which are then used to filter the data.

Sort Data

The user can set to sort the data by a specific column or columns, ascending or descending.

Custom Expressions

Custom expressions are like extra filters that the user can use.  For example, if you want to customize how the SQL BETWEEN statement works, you can always use a custom expression to do so and it will be appended onto the list of possible filters.


A relatively new feature we have added and are busy perfecting is charts.  This enables you to display charts with the tabular report or even to completely replace the tabular report if the user requires. 

Previewing the Report

You can preview both the report and the chart within the JCReportBuilder to ensure that all your configuration settings are correct.

Viewing your Report

We provide a convenient JCReportPreview that enables you to view reports you have set up using the JCReportBuilder as well as external reports.

In order to assign reports to the JCReportPreview, we have provided the JCReportPreviewList.


Access Rights

You can assign access rights to each report that is assigned to the preview.

Set the audience

The user may want to be the only one to view a specific report.  In that case he/she would set the audience to “private”.  If they would like all users to see the report, they can set the report audience to “public”.  From the backend you can set “System Reports” which are available globally.

Display Options

You can choose to display the report in the report view pane, or in a new tab.  Soon we will provide support to display it in a popup as well.

Report Types

The great thing about the preview is that you can also choose to display external reports in addition to any JCReports you created with the JCReportBuilder.  Just provide the external reports URL and you are all set!

JCReport Content Plugin

Do you need to display a JCReport within a Joomla article?  No problem!  We provide a simple-to-use plugin that will work in any Joomla article.

Comprehensive Documentation

www.mywikidocs.com contains comprehensive documentation on the features and functionality of JCReports that gets updated with each new set of features.


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