JC Tables

JC Tables is a powerful and customizable Joomla! datatable component that lets you display master-detail tables, pull queries from any database, and allow user editing.

JC Tables is a combination of all the best datatables out there, bringing you an extremely feature rich datatables component.

Unlimited dataviews are available, and are easily setup within minutes, giving you a complete master-detail CRUD facility.

A multitude of plugins allows you to do just about anything wth your data, from GPS mapping views to PDF and EXCEL exporting

JC Tables is available as a free version, Pro 6-Month, Pro 12-Month or part of a combo pack.
  • Master-detail Functionality
  • Navigation Tree
  • Record Preview
  • Connect to External Databases
  • Customizable Layout
  • Progressive Loading
  • Highly Customizable Tables
  • Inline Editing
  • Copy/Paste Table Cells
  • Wide Range of Placeholders
  • Live Table Refresh
  • Custom JS/CSS
  • Wide Range of Plugins
  • Joomla Content Plugin
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Uses Joomla Access Rights for Precise Control

Access Rights

JCTables takes advantage of Joomla’s access right system. This gives the developer complete control over who sees what and what the user is allowed to do.

Navigation Tree

Construct your own tree to use to filter your table data.

Record Preview

You can set up a preview using our wide range of placeholders.

Table or URL

You can choose to display either a table or a URL in a jctable pane.

Master-detail functionality

Changing the current master row will trigger a refresh of the detail tables so that they always show the data pertaining to the current master row.

External Databases

You are able to connect to external databases as well as the default site database.

Customizable Layout

You can set various widths and heights of the different panes as well as switch them on or off.  You can also move panes around the JCTable.  Further customization can be made using the custom JS or custom CSS options.

Progressive Loading

Tired of waiting for a large dataset to load?  Allow JCTables to handle progressive loading for you to give your customers the slick experience they expect.

Customizable Tables

You can set up nested rows, group the data, add checkboxes, switch off headers and so much more!

Load Options

You can set how you would like the master data to load initially.  Whether to send all the data to frontend before the layout is loaded, to load the data after the layout is loaded, to only load the data when a tree node is clicked, etc...


You can add a toolbar where you place plugins for your table.

Total Selected Rows

Choose to display the total selected rows so that the user has a reference to how many rows he/she has checked.

Save inline edits

JCTables saves inline edits with just a few configuration options. However, if you need more control, you can create your own save procedure.


JCTables enables you to copy and paste data using context menus.


JCTables has an extremely wide range of placeholders to choose from. From data row placeholders to user placeholders; date placeholder to tree placeholders and more!

Table Refresh

If you need to display live data, you can set the table to refresh at a certain interval to ensure that your users always have the most up-to-date data.

Custom JS/CSS

If none of our default options satisfy your requirements, you can use your own JS or CSS to get the job done.


We have a wide range of plugins to choose from for whatever need you may have.  We are always adding new ones!

Here is a list of our current plugins:

  • Custom buttons
  • PDF/Excel/CSV Export buttons
  • Advanced Search
  • Delete Button
  • Click and Double Click
  • Bulk Update
  • Web service
  • Advanced PDF
  • JavaScript Button
  • JCReports integration button

Here is a list of our features:

  • You can set the location of the plugins: whether it is a table plugin that will display on the toolbar or a row plugin that will display in each row.
  • You can set access rights for each plugin
  • We have many icons to choose from and the option to add your own.
  • Our plugins are responsive
  • Certain plugins have a popup option
  • You can set the alignment of the plugin: left, center (for table plugins), right
  • Each plugin type has its own configurable options that you can set to make sure it works precisely as you require.
  • You can customize further using JavaScript.

Menu filtering

Do you have many menu items that have basically the same required setup of a JCTable, but just need a different filtering?  We provide filtering options in the menu for both the table data and the navigation tree.  This enables you to reuse the same JCTable in multiple locations!

JCTables Content Plugin

Do you need to display JCTables within a Joomla article?   We provide a further customizable content plugin that can integrate with a Joomla article.  It provides further options to filter the data as well as options to display only certain columns if need be.

Comprehensive Documentation

myWikiDocs contains comprehensive documentation on the features and functionality of JCTables that gets updated with each new set of features.

  Free Version Pro 6-Month Pro 12-Month
JC Tables Free $69 $99
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Support Response Times 24 Hours 12 Hours
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Plugins per Table 3 Unlimited Unlimited
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